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Archway Human Services Mission
The Human Services Department of Archway
Programs sees it’s Mission as helping others to help themselves.

The Human Services Department of Archway Programs has a vision of being recognized throughout Southern New Jersey for its community involvement, problem-solving capabilities, individualized quality care and accessibility to services for those in need.


Community Living Supports Program
Archway Programs has been providing support services to consumers with intellectual and developmental (I/DD) in the community for over thirty years.  In the Community Living Supports Program, clients typically live independently or with their family in the community but need some support to maintain their independence.  Archway employees support clients in this program in a wide variety of individualized services.  Clients typically receive between ten to fifteen hours of service per week.  Services include but are not limited to assisting with self care needs, supporting good health, assisting with communication, assisting with life skills, supporting individual’s recreation choices, assisting individuals with budgeting/ financial management needs,  as well as supporting consumers in reaching individual goals.


Eligibility/ Admission/ Funding
Community Living Support services are funded by the Division of Developmental Disabilities.  Referrals for service come from DDD.

​Human Services
280 Jackson Road
PO Box 668
Atco, NJ 08004-0668
(856)-767-5757 Ext. 374

Community Living Supports

280 Jackson Road

Atco, New Jersey 08004






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